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"Well Mr B you did it again, what a great night, a good time was had by all, thank you so much,"
Lynn and Rick (in the guestbook)

Dave B Enters the 'One Night of Elvis' Competition
The look and sound of the king and more ……!

This year (2007) Dave B entered the 'One Night of Elvis' Competition organised by the Elvis Presley fan club of Great Britain. Dave explains how he got on...

On the 05 April 2007 I was at the Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall Theatre for a show entitled One Night Of Elvis with the winner of the GMTV search for Elvis competition Heath Ashton [pictured below]. They wanted 3 local talents to compete at each of their 15 venues on their nationwide tour with the winners going on to compete in a Grand Final in Blackpool in June. Well I auditioned during the day with a host of others to be in the show that night.
I was successful along with Jason and David who I got to know well over the course of the next few hours.We were given a song each and told we would not be allowed any rehearsal time.So the show arrived in no time and Heath Ashton took to the stage doing his early Elvis set. Then before the end of act one it was competition time and I was nominated to go on 1st. I belted out Blue Suede Shoes and it went without a hitch. Jason then sung One Night and David did Hound Dog.
During the interval it was the audience who voted for the winner and yours truly came up trumps being announced as the winner in act two to a packed theatre who yelped with delight.

The tour is to celebrate 50 years of the Elvis fan club this year along with being the 30th anniversary of the Kings death on August 16th. The winner in Blackpool then goes on to play in Memphis representing the Elvis Presley fan club of Great Britain. I will be giving it my all so when I have more details they will appear here 1st. There is a video of my performance at Tunbridge Wells on this site. There were also the press there on the day as you can see, god the things they get you to do. They must have taken 20 pictures then decided to put just the one in the paper.

The grand final of One night of Elvis was without doubt one of the highlights of my career so far. I along with the other 13 finalists arrived at the Opera House Blackpool on Saturday 23rd June.We all knew in advance what songs we were doing. I chose to do Blue Suede Shoes again as it served me well in my heat at the Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall Theatre.

The day was spent rehearsing our songs and a big dance number finale to Jailhouse Rock that we all had to do. The Judges on the night included DJ Mike Read, Darren Day, DJ Tony Prince as well as a guest appearance by Rolf Harris who sang as well as unveiling a brand new portrait he has done of the King to the delight of the 2000 plus crowd in Britain's largest theatre.
Well I was on fourth out of 14 and it was faultless with the brilliant crowd getting behind my every note and move. I came off and have never felt on such a high as I did in the wings that night. I felt my rivals would be my room mates on the day Kevin Paul, Paul Rouse and Rebel Simon.We had a great laugh backstage as well as geeing each other up to do well. When it came to the announcement of the winner Rebel Simon was the name called out to a rousing approval from the crowd. He was brilliant and will do himself justice in Memphis in August. But as Todd Slaughter [president of the Elvis Presley fan club of Great Britain] said we were all winners bearing in mind over 450 people tried to get to the auditions and heats let alone the final. To have made the final 14 Elvi as we are called 'en masse' is a big achievment. The show was recorded for an xmas special later this year and you will be able to see my performance on the video page soon.

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