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Bella B (in the guestbook)

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The look and sound of the king and more ……!

October 11, 2006
Hi Gang
Well its that time again where I can make you all nod off just by reading this. I cannot believe its been 6 months since I was here writing to you all about what's been happening at Rockin Years Central office.
Its been a manic few months for me and many positives with only one negative. I had hoped to have my cd ready by Christmas for my assault at the coveted Xmas Number1 but after a taster at a studio near me I was far from happy with the production and have now shelved plans till January with the new studio booked, c'est la vie. Well between now and the festive period I’m out there giving it my all at some brand new and some regular locations. If any of you are planning a trip to Spain in the next month or so I’ve had enquiries to play some venues in Benidorm ie the Guiness Bar [great name] and the Daytona Bar dates to be confirmed and when they are they will go straight on to the gig guide. Every weekend is busy now and if they are all as good as the gig at Lingfield last Saturday then I won’t have any complaints.

I hope you all liked the photos I had done in the summer? I’m now selling these at gigs for your kids to throw darts at and they go like hot cakes.

I myself like to see as many acts as I can, unfortunately as I am always out myself on a Friday or Saturday night I miss a lot. But having said that in November I am seeing one of my heroes for the umpteenth time and that is Shakin Stevens at the Lyric Theatre London. Also Robert Gordon is playing a one off UK gig in Soho with Chris Spedding and yours truly will be there.

If you like what you see and here at gigs and you like the website please let us know on the guestbook as its really the only gauge we have, Your comments mean a lot.

Well the next stop is Crawley this Saturday where I’m giving a cabaret performance at a club. Other highlights looming are the TU Club Eastbourne possibly one of my favourite venues, I’m there with Rock-around. Also Seaford RB Legion and Langney Sports and Social Club. If I don’t say it nearer the time then I will say it now Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you all and keep on rockin through 2007.
Keep on rockin !!
Dave B.

March 31, 2006
Hi all and welcome to my first update. Well the website has been up and running now for about 6 months and from the feedback at gigs and on the guestbook you really like it. When you think of starting a project like that you are never sure where to start but once you get into it its hard to stop if you get my drift. I plan on doing a couple of these minimum a year so as to keep you informed as to what’s happening and where etc.

First and foremost I want to thank you all for your brilliant support over the last few years its so nice to see familiar faces returning to many of my gigs and the few who follow me just about anywhere you know who you are and its much appreciated thanks.
The highlights for me most recently have been the gigs at ‘The Swan’, Dallington on a wintery Sunday afternoon the atmosphere was electric and the cheer for an encore at the end almost made me lose it big time [what a woosy]. Also the gig at the Trade Union Club, Eastbourne which bordered on me actually thinking crikey they actually love what I do or is it just the tight leather? Screaming, photo requests, kisses, hugs, dancing then there was the women.
Quick mention to Langney Sports and Social Club, ‘The Old Oak’, Redhill and Forest Row Social Club as these were all very special to me.

Well I updated my gig guide recently and it wasn’t till it went on to the site I thought what have I taken on here, sometimes twice a week with only a few Saturday nights spare so all those prospective bookers had better get in quick to save disappointment.
The future gigs that stand out are Sidley Sports & Social Club on 29th April with myself and the brilliant Hellcats sharing the bill. Then there is the gig on 22nd July on Eastbourne Bandstand with Rock-around, this is part of Eastbourne councils Rock ‘n’ Roll festival with different bands playing every week from early June to mid September great for both locals and tourists alike.
Then on August 25th I play my first gig on the Rock ‘n’ Roll circuit at Mccoys Rock ‘n’ Roll club, Bexhill where they are having an Elvis Tribute night, this I am looking forward to very much. May I just say though that I don’t consider myself as an Elvis impersonator rather someone who just pays tribute to the greatest entertainer of the 20th century with an accurate musical and vocal performance and the image of the man.
I have just changed my first half set by about 7 numbers but keeping in the favourites that go down well. As the saying goes if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. This set premiers in April [hark at me] and I hope u all like it. The second set that is just Elvis changes more regularly cos the man recorded over 600 numbers and most people have heard a good quarter of those.
I myself try and see as many acts as I can the list recently includes the aforementioned Hellcats, Persuaders, 80 Cube, Fifth Avenue and a certain Shakin’ Stevens who can still fill a theatre and create Rock ‘n’ Roll mayhem. I’m off to see one of my favourites Darrel Higham in April on a European Tour with Stray Cat drummer and legend Slim Jim Phantom. Also Ricky Aron who is linked to my site is playing down south in August and he rocks. Our paths crossed about 8 years ago at an audition and we have just caught up with each other so that will be great.
Well I was on a high this week when my boys Arsenal beat the brilliant Juventus 2 0 and give themselves a real chance of reaching the champions league final. Maybe my ambition on the biog page is not such a fantasy after all, come on you Gunners.
Well last but not least I will be recording my first cd this summer a bit later than planned cos its been so manic. Again its hard to choose material for such a project. I’m only thinking of 12 tracks max and it will be a Rock ‘n’ Roll album most of what you hear at a gig. There will be a couple of the Kings songs in there with some Orbison, Fury, Holly etc. If its out before the next update in October-ish you will hear about it first on Rockin Years Update. I hope to see you all at a gig very soon.
Keep on rockin !!
Dave B.

Gigs For September   Gigs For October

6th Rock n Roll Paradise, Northwich Memorial Court Theatre, Northwich
7th Dave Bs Good Rockin Tonite, Tewksbury Rock n Roll Club
14th Rock n Roll Paradise, Chequer Mead Theatre, East Grinstead, West Sussex
15th Dave Bs Good Rockin Tonite, Carshalton Ex Servicemens Club
22nd Sandy Glade Rock n Roll Weekender, Burnham on Sea, Somerset SOLO
27th Elvis v Jerry Lee Lewis The Showdown, Brookside Theatre, Romford, Essex
28th Rock n Roll Paradise, White Rock Theatre, Hastings


4th Travelin Man The Ricky Nelson Rock n Roll Show, Little Theatre, Doncaster
12th Fishermans Club, Eastbourne, East Sussex SOLO
25th The Roundhouse, Dagenham, Essex SOLO
26th Travelin Man The Ricky Nelson Rock n Roll Show, Osset Town Hall, Osset, Yorkshire

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